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Dolmabahce Palace Skip the Line Ticket & Audio Guide

With this skip-the-line entry and an audio guide, you can discover the magnificent Dolmabahce Palace without having to wait in huge lines.

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Dolmabahce Palace Ticket & Bosphorus Cruise

Catch amazing views at this combination. Visit first the legendary Dolmabahce Palace at the Bosphorus and afterwards and enjoy an Bosphorus Cruise.

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Dolmabahce Palace and Harem Tour

Skip the long ticket lines and enter the Dolmabahce Palace with a guide. Once inside benefit of an higlights tour, receive your audio guide to discover the wonders of the Palace and the Harem at your own pace.

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Dolmabahce Palace Opening Hours

Summer Season (April 1 - October 31): The palace opens earlier (around 9:00 AM) and closes later (around 5:30 PM) to accommodate the higher tourist numbers.

Winter Season (November 1 - March 31): In winter,

the palace opens around 9:00 AM and closes around 4:00 PM.

Closing Days: Dolmabahce Palace is closed on Mondays

How to Get There

Dolmabahce Palace is situated in the Besiktas district, on the banks of the Bosphorus, and therefore easy to reach.

By Tram From Sultanahmet: Take the tram T1 and go 7

stops to Kabataş station. From here, it is just 4 minutes.

By Bus: The nearest bus stops to Dolmabahce palace in Beşiktaş is

Beşiktaş Peronlar. It’s a 1 min walk away.

By Metro (from Taksim): The easiest way to reach Dolmabahce Palace is to walk about 10

minutes to the tram stop “Fındıklı Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi” and take tram line

T1. Go 3 stops to the Kabataş station.

From here, it is only 4 minutes.

By Ferry (from Kadıköy): The nearest ferry station to Dolmabahce palace in Beşiktaş is

Beşiktaş. It’s a 5 min walk away.


Dolmabahce Palace offers good accessibility for wheelchair users. All four courtyards are wheelchair-accessible, with ramps provided at the main entrance and many doors to navigate marble thresholds.

Additionally, disabled-friendly toilets are available within the

palace complex. However, wheelchair rentals are unavailable. Keep in mind that

the cobblestone-covered hills might be challenging for disabled travelers.

Please note: Disabled visitors and one accompanying first-degree relative

receive free admission.

What's Inside

Dolmabahce Palace is functionally divided into three areas:The Selamlık section, where government business was once conducted.

The Harem, the former private area of the Sultan and his family,

which can also be visited for an additional entrance ticket.

The Ceremonial Hall, which was reserved for the important state

ceremonies of the Sultan and is located in the Selamlık section.

Selamlık Section: A secluded domain for the sultan's family and concubines,

complete with living quarters, administrative spaces, and verdant gardens.

Harem Section: Inside the Harem, you can visit the apartments of the royal

family, which transport you back to the Ottoman times. Here are the chambers of

the Sultan’s Mother, concubines, wives and favorites of the sultan.

The harem is also home to one of the most important rooms of the

palace, especially for the Turkish people.

Here you can find the Room of Atatürk, who spent his last days

in a bedroom in the former Harem and died on 10.11.1938. Notice that all clocks

in the palace have been set for 09:05, the time he passed away.

Palace Gardens: A must-see for any visitor are the picturesque Palace Gardens.

They are divided in four sections: Selamlık Garden (Hasbahce), Crown Garden,

Bird Garden (Kuşluk), and Harem Garden.

The Dolmabahce Gardens are a true masterpiece with their natural

beauty and tranquility. Walk along exquisite marble pools, beautiful statues

and geometric hedge formations and admire the influence of European garden


With its beautiful location at the Bosphorus, you can also enjoy

a unique view of the famous strait.

Clock Museum: Marvel at the impressive clock collection, which features 71

Ottoman, British and French clocks from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The collection, previously kept in the storerooms, came to light

with the opening of the Clock Museum. It has been open to visitors since the

renovation of the former Interior Treasury Building in the Harem Garden of the

Dolmabahce Palace.

National Palaces Painting Museum: Art lovers should pay a visit

to the Painting Museum. It is housed in the Veliahd Residence, which has been

turned into a museum after seven years of restoration work. Most of the

paintings were previously stored in the Crown Prince Room of the Palace.

The Painting Museum is made up of 11 sections in thematic

integrity. Surrounded by a noble setting, you can enjoy about 200 works by

Turkish and international artists of the 19th century.

Gates: Be sure to take a look at the magnificent gates of the palace,

which are decorated with golden leaf appliqués and inscriptions. The ornate

gates, especially the ones overlooking the sea, are a popular backdrop for


In total, there are 10 gates, but the most stunning ones are the

Treasury Gate at the entrance of Dolmabahce Palace and the Sultanate Gate

overlooking Dolmabahce Avenue. Both are adorned with tugras (signature of the

sultan) and popular photo motifs.

Dolmabahce Clock Tower: Don’t miss the clock tower in the middle of the square, next to

Dolmabahce Palace. Built under Sultan Abdülhamid II in 1895, it is considered

one of the most famous clock towers in Turkey.

It shows not only the time, but also the weather. The clock

tower is now a popular photo spot.


Audio Guide App: All tickets & tours booked with Istanbul Welcome Card comes with a free Audio Guide App from YourMobileGuide, just download at your smartphone and keep on exploring Topkapi Palace at your own pace.

Restrooms: Easily accessible restroom facilities are available throughout

the palace grounds.

Nearby Attractions

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Need to Know/Tips for Dolmabahce Palace

Guided/Audio Tours: Exploring Dolmabahce Palace is enhanced with a guide who can provide insightful context. For independent exploration, consider a self-guided audio tour. Yet, for a richer experience, opt for a historian-led guided tour. You can book your Historian Guided Topkapi Palace tour by visiting this link.

Unofficial Guides: Be cautious of unofficial guides within the Palace Complex.

Secure guided tour tickets from official operators in advance. Official guides

should display a badge. We recommend booking the tour in advance

Photography: Photography is restricted within the museum, but permissible in

other palace areas.

Shoes: Given the vast 700-hectare expanse, comfortable shoes are

advisable for the considerable walking involved.

Dress Code: No specific dress code applies when visiting Dolmabahce Palace.

Harem: Note that regular Dolmabahce Palace tickets might not encompass

the harem area.

Free Admission: Entry is complimentary for disabled visitors and one

accompanying first-degree relative. Children under 6 also enter free; do not

forget to carry their IDs.

Early Arrival and Security: Estimated security queues;

arriving early allows ample time for this process.


Palombini Bulgaria
05 June 2023
Atmani- Alger
Magnifique Palais, où l’histoire de la Turquie se déroule sous nos yeux et où l’âme de Mustapha Kemal Attarurk emplit ce Palais. Dommage que l’on ne puisse pas prendre de photos.
11 May 2023
Silvia - Italy
Very beautiful Palace, with a pleasant garden and a stunning view on the Bosphorus. I still prefer Topkapi and his harem, but Dolmabahce has a wonderful position on the water. Our guide Arda was very nice and informative.
25 April 2023
Nicole Barth
Die Organisation ist perfekt. Es klappt alles schnell und reibungslos. Die Guides sind gut geschult und man erfährt eine Menge.
21 March 2023
Sonja - Croatia
Great organization & impressive palace, good audio guide, recommended! Meeting point easy to find, value for money good.
16 March 2023
Happy Customer

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