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Galata Tower Ticket & Tour with an Insider

Experience the best of Istanbul during this Galata & Taksim district walking with an insider and a skip the line ticket for the Galata Tower.

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Galata Tower Skip the Line Ticket & Audio Guide

Enhance your Istanbul holiday experience by saving time with a skip-the-line ticket to the renowned Galata Tower. Enjoy stunning city views and discover the tower's hidden secrets using the provided audio guide.

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Galata Tower Opening Hours

Galata Tower opens daily at 08:30–22:00

How to Get There

The Galata Tower is in Istanbul, Turkey, specifically in the historic Galata district on the European side. It offers panoramic views of the city's landmarks and is a popular symbol of Istanbul's history and architecture.

Public Transportation: Utilize Istanbul's efficient tram, metro, or bus systems. Alight

at Karaköy or Şişhane stations, both a short walk from the tower.

Walking: If you're centrally located in areas like Sultanahmet or Taksim,

enjoy a leisurely walk to the Galata Tower

By Bus:Taxi or Ride-Sharing: Opt for a taxi or

ride-sharing service, providing the tower's name or address for a direct route.

Ferry: If you're on the Asian side, take a ferry to Karaköy or Eminönü

and proceed on foot to the tower.


Wheelchair Accessibility: Galata Tower is not wheelchair accessible.

What's Inside

Observation Deck: The tower offers a spacious observation deck at the top, providing panoramic views of Istanbul's cityscape, including the Bosphorus Strait, historic landmarks, and the Golden Horn.

Café and Dining: Indulge in culinary delights at the tower's café and restaurant.

Delight in Turkish cuisine while surrounded by the tower's mesmerizing views.

Historical Insights: Immerse yourself in the tower's history through insightful

exhibits. These displays shed light on the tower's architectural significance,

its role as a watchtower and vantage point, and its place in Istanbul's


Mosaics: Marvel at intricate mosaics showcasing religious scenes,

including depictions of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and various saints.

Gift Boutiques: Browse through gift shops offering an array of souvenirs.

You'll find a diverse selection of traditional Turkish items, books, and Galata

Tower memorabilia.

Serpentine Column: Witness the ancient Serpentine Column, a relic from the Temple

of Apollo at Delphi.

Artful Engagements: Experience the tower's cultural facet with periodic art

exhibitions and cultural events. These offerings provide an opportunity to

engage with local and global artistic expressions.

Interactive Discoveries: Engage with interactive displays that delve into the tower's

historical background and its enduring influence on Istanbul.

Photographic Moments: Throughout the tower's interior, capture captivating snapshots

at various picturesque points, preserving the memories of your visit.


Audio Guide App: All tickets & tours booked with Istanbul Welcome Card comes with a free Audio Guide App from YourMobileGuide, just download at your smartphone and keep on exploring Hagia Sophia at your own pace.

Restrooms: Easily accessible restroom at near Galata Tower.



Leslie Ross United Kingdom
Being the only customer, I can’t say how effective it would be in a larger group, but my guide was happy to indulge my interest in history and architecture, and was very friendly and knowledgeable
08 November 2022
Christina - Ireland
Faik was our guide and he was excellent and knew so much about Istanbul and it’s history! Thank you for a great tour!
17 October 2022
Farih si je me souviens bien de son prénom est un très bon guide, très intéressant. Dans un premier temps nous avons visité à pieds le quartier de Galata et ensuite nous sommes allés à la tour de Galata. Nous étions un très petit groupe très appréciable. Je recommande cette visite.
03 October 2022
Summaya - Sweden
It was a really good tour guide with a good pace. Hakan was a really nice guide and showed us things outside the actual guide tour. Recommend this tour!
16 July 2022
Seyhan - Germany
03 February 2020
Happy Customer

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