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13 Best Places to Visit in Besiktas

Besiktas is a lively part of Istanbul. There are many things to see and do. Here are the best places to visit and things to do in Besiktas! 

1. Dolmabahce Palace

Visit Dolmabahçe Palace. It was home to the Ottoman sultans. The palace has beautiful rooms and gardens. Also, you can see amazing views of the Bosphorus. Dolmabahce Museum is open from 9 am to 5.30 pm. It's closed on Mondays.

2. Ortakoy Mosque

See the Ortakoy Mosque. It is next to the water. The mosque looks gorgeous with the Bosphorus behind it. It's a popular place for photos.

3. Çırağan Palace

Visit Ciragan Palace. It was an Ottoman palace. And now, it's a luxury hotel. The building is beautiful. You can enjoy your meal with a Bosphorus view.

4. Ihlamur Pavilion

See Ihlamur Pavilion. It is a small palace with pretty gardens. The palace has elegant rooms. It's a good place to relax.

5. Sinan Pasha Mosque

Visit the Sinan Pasha Mosque. It is a historical mosque. It was built by the famous architect Mimar Sinan. The mosque is a peaceful place to visit.

6. Besiktas Carsi

Go to Besiktas Carsi. It is a busy shopping area. There are many shops, cafes, and restaurants. You can buy clothes and souvenirs here.

7. Besiktas Parks

Relax in Besiktas parks. Yıldız Park is a favorite one. It has pretty gardens and walking paths. It is a peaceful place to enjoy nature.

8. Besiktas Museums

Visit the Naval Museum (Deniz Müzesi). It shows Turkey's maritime history. It is interesting for families and people who like ships.

9. Besiktas Nightlife

Enjoy Besiktas nightlife. There are many bars and clubs. The area around Beşiktaş Çarşı is very lively at night.

10. Besiktas Cafes and Restaurants

Try the food in Besiktas. There are many cozy Besiktas cafes. Enjoy coffee and pastries. You can also find tasty meals at various Besiktas restaurants.

11. Besiktas Football

Visit Vodafone Park. It is the stadium of Beşiktaş JK, a big football club. You might see a match if you are lucky. It is exciting for Beşiktaş football fans.

12. Besiktas Markets

Explore the local markets. The Saturday Market is great. You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and local products. It gives you a taste of everyday life in Besiktas markets.

13. Besiktas Ferry

Take the Besiktas ferry. It is a fun way to see Istanbul. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Bosphorus. You can see Maiden Tower and more by ferry.

Speaking of the ferry, here are some easy ways to get to Besiktas:

By Metro and Bus

Take the Metro: You can take the M2 metro line to Taksim or Sisli stations. From Taksim or Sisli, you can take a bus to Besiktas. Look for buses that say "Beşiktaş" on the front.

From the Asian Side: Take the Marmaray train and get off at Sirkeci. From Sirkeci, take a bus to Besiktas.

By Car

Use a GPS to navigate to Besiktas. Enter "Besiktas, Istanbul" as your destination. Be prepared for traffic during rush hours. Parking can be difficult. You should look for parking lots or garages.

By Taxi or Ride-Sharing Apps

You can take a taxi from anywhere in Istanbul. Just tell the driver "Beşiktaş" and they will take you there. You can use apps like Uber or BiTaksi. Enter "Besiktas" as your destination in the app.

By Ferry

From the Asian Side: Go to Kadıkoy or Uskudar ferry docks. Take a ferry to Besiktas. Ferries run frequently, and the ride is about 20 minutes.

From the European Side: If you are near Eminonu or Karakoy, take a ferry to Besiktas.

Welcome to Besiktas, where history and modernity meet along the Bosphorus shores!

Enjoy your visit to Beşiktaş!