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Whirling Dervish Show

Go on a Spiritual Journey at this 800 year old mystical ceremony

  • See the transcendental performance by Sufi Dervishes also known as Whirling Dervish
  • Don't miss this most popular event in Istanbul performed by Hodjapasha
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€ 34.00

Don't miss this event of holy music and moves!
Go on a spiritual journey and watch the mystical ritual of the Mevlevi Order, whose whirling dance has been declared a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. Watch the ceremony about the journey through man’s spiritual ascent to perfection through mind and love. Enjoy the inspiring and fascination transcendental performance by the Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul.


  • Go on a spiritual journey
  • Watch the transcendental performance
  • See the 800 year old mystical dance show
  • Enjoy the Whirling Dervishes
  • Capture amazing moments of music and moves


  • 60 minutes

Rebooking & Cancellation Policy:
You have missed the Whirling Dervish Ceremony? No problem, you can come to the next ceremony time or day. You want to cancel? No problem, you can cancel your reservation anytime and get your refund

FAQs about Whirling Dervishes

What is a Dervish?
A Dervish is a Sufi, a member of the Mevlevi Order, the teachings of Sufi mystic Rumi. And the whirling dervish dance serves as a dhikr, a prayer or meditation carried out in devotion and worship of God.
This 800 year old ancient ritual is so integral to Turkey’s spiritual history that is has been inscribed on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.

What is a Sufi?
Sufi is a mystic that seeks to find divine truth and love directly with God. Sufism is the centuries old stream in Islam for the followers of 13th century poet Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi from Konya, Turkey. He is mostly known for the themes of acceptance and tolerance in his teachings and poetry. The community of Sufism developed religious practices focusing on self control that enable both mental and mystical insights as well as a loss of self, with the ultimate goal of mystical union with God.

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User A

Up Close & Personal

We had the best seats in the house! Front and center! It was quite interesting. Bear in mind that it is not a show fabricated for entertainment. It is a shortened spiritual ceremony to share the Whirling Dervish experience. So dont expect drama and excitement. I was a bit cautious about getting tickets from Istanbul Welcome Card at first. They had the best prices and most relaxed cancellation policy I found. But we were glad we did as we got the best seats in the show and had no trouble whatsoever. Highly Recommended!

User S

تجربة روحانية عميقة

User D

Whirlhing derviches

The spectacle was awesome. I was looking forward to it and was not disappointed at all. It is really compelling and gripping. One can get easily taken by this so unique moment. So specific to Turkiye.

User S

Amazing experience !! Must do when in Istanbul

User J

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