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Istanbul Welcome Card is designed by local Istanbul tourism professionals to make your travel easier so you can only focus on your adventure as an individual, family or group.

In our team we have experianced guides, friendly customer support (E-Mail, WhatsApp and phone), field and quality control managers. Your journey to Istanbul will be optimized with our Istanbul Welcome Card you have the most flexible travel package at your side. It includes airport transfer, tickets for all public transportation, entrances to top museums without waiting in line, guided tours at Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Harem by a local historian. Moreover, you will have discounts for many activities, restaurants and attractions.

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Istanbul is one of the most dynamic cities in the world which makes it a very special travel destination. This colorful city offers one of the the worlds biggest collections of historical legacies.

The Istanbul Welcome Card makes your vacation less expensive, easier and faster! Over more than 2000 years, Roman and Ottoman emperors chose it as their capital – once you visit Istanbul you will discover a vital part of Europe´s and Asia´s history. Countless experiences are waiting for you in Istanbul! Revel in it´s unique atmosphere bearing major tourist attractions like the Unesco World Heritage Sites Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Harem, Chora Church or the Grand Bazaar and of course the Bosphorus. The Istanbul Welcome Card city guide, digital information, guides and customer support will give you all information and tickets for these must do and must see highlights and as well take you beyond the typical tourist paths.

Besides the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul, a taste of the Turkish Cuisine is considered a must by most visitors. Explore Istanbul´s nightlife, visit one of the many theme parks with your family or go shopping in luxury shopping malls, weekly markets and outlets.

The Istanbul Welcome Card helps you getting the most out of your vacation and make you thourougly enjoy it! Travel and sightseeing in Istanbul will be much easier as well as fast access to popular attractions. For immediate use your Istanbul Welcome Card will be deposited at the reception of your hotel, so you can start saving money and time in the beginning of your holiday.
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